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Automated Testing Services

When there are no iterative testing cycles, then manual testing is enough. But if the same areas need to be tested again and again in multiple testing cycles, where the need for automation testing comes.
Automation testing is a software testing approach that employs specialized tools and scripts to execute predefined test cases, comparing expected outcomes with actual results. This method aims to streamline and accelerate the testing process, particularly for repetitive and time-consuming tasks, by automating the execution of tests. Automation testing enhances efficiency, reduces human error, and enables rapid feedback on software changes. It is especially beneficial for regression testing, and large-scale projects where frequent testing iterations are essential for maintaining software quality and ensuring a faster time-to-market.

Why Use Automated Testing Services?

Cost Effective

If it is cost-effective, then why don't we consider automation testing for projects with short project durations? That is because of the time taken for script designing. With the others, that is the hidden charges that you have to pay after the negotiations. But we would like to give you the full picture. Script designing takes a reasonable time. But it is a one-time cost and the same automated script can be used for all the iterative testing cycles. Therefore, the huge effort required for manual testing for iterative testing cycles is not required for automated testing cycles. 

High Efficiency

Multiple test data inputs, multiple users, and testing in various browsers/devices can be emulated with one test run. If increases the efficiency of work in loads. An automated test script can handle the workload of a few testers. Automated tests can be integrated into the continuous integration process, ensuring that tests are executed automatically whenever changes are made to the codebase. This helps catch issues early in the development cycle, preventing the release of defective software.


Automated tests can be run multiple times without fatigue or variation, ensuring that the same set of tests is executed in the same manner every time. This repeatability helps catch issues that may not be evident during a one-time manual test.


Automated tests perform the same actions and checks consistently every time they are executed. This eliminates the possibility of human error that can occur when manual tests are repeated.

Logging and Reporting

Automated testing frameworks often provide detailed logs and reports, making it easier to identify and analyze issues. This level of documentation enhances the accuracy of issue detection and facilitates debugging.

What needs to be included in the Automation Test Suite?

Test cases with a large number of test data

Cross Browser testing Test cases

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