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Vishaka Warnakulasooriya

Founder & CEO

MSc in Project Management - Keele University, UK

Bachelor's Degree -BCS - The Charted Institute of IT

ISEB Certified Tester

A Bit About Me

As the journey of my professional career began, I embarked on a path fueled by a relentless passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence in every endeavor. Originating from a foundation in the Software Quality Assurance industry, I have navigated through diverse experiences, each contributing to my growth as a professional.

My core values center around integrity, collaboration, and a tireless pursuit of quality. These values not only shape the foundation of my work but also resonate in the culture I foster within the workplace. I believe in building strong, collaborative teams that thrive on creativity, adaptability, and a shared commitment to achieving and exceeding goals.

At the heart of my professional ethos is an unwavering dedication to delivering value. I prioritize staying ahead of industry trends and technological advancements, ensuring that my approach to problem-solving and decision-making is both informed and forward-thinking.

What sets me apart is not just a commitment to standing out from the crowd, but also a dedication to empowering those around me to do the same. I am driven by the belief that success is collective, and by fostering an environment of continuous learning and open communication, I aim to create a workplace that inspires individuals to reach their highest potential.

In essence, my professional journey is a testament to the values that guide me, the collaborative spirit that defines my approach, and the unwavering commitment to excellence that distinguishes both myself and the teams I lead.

Work Experience

Nov 2018 - Present


Sept 2012 - July 2018

KPMG Sri Lanka

Sept 2007 - Sept 2012

Virtusa (Pvt) Ltd.

viTesters, focuses on Software Testing and Consulting opportunities. Operating as a remote team, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional results. Our commitment is so strong that we could even work from the Moon!

I joined KPMG as a Senior Consultant. It was a remarkable and challenging job venture. Different domains and clients were key driving factors for the success of my journey. I left KPMG as an Assistant Manager.

Virtusa was the foundation of my Software Testing career. I joined as an Associate QA Engineer and left as a Senior QA Engineer. It was the place where I learned everything about Software Testing including, Test Case designing, Manual and Automation Testing, Test Process, etc... 

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