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Manual Software Testing Services

viTesters specialize in manual software testing, recognizing the irreplaceable role of human reasoning in certain scenarios. Manual testing is a crucial aspect of quality assurance, where a dedicated QA team directly engages with the software to ensure that features perform as intended. We offer all manual testing options to verify your software in different aspects. With the concept of senior testers, the team consists of more than 05 years of experience in the software testing field. 'Comparison' Testing is the special Testing type we offer to you beyond the others.

  • Smoke Testing

  • Functional Testing

  • Integration Testing

  • Regression Testing

  • System Testing

  • Configuration Testing

  • Compatibility Testing

  • Usability Testing

  • Comparison Testing

Why Use Manual Testing Services?

Time and Cost Efficiency

We offer manual testing services for short-term projects and those with constantly changing requirements to be sure that all requirements are covered by tests.  In situations where iterative testing cycles are unnecessary, automation testing may not be applicable. However, the larger the project is, the more reasonable it is to complement manual testing with automated testing. 

High Test Coverage and Bug Finding

Testers systematically explore every combination of available logic flows, beyond the real user's usage of the system. All positive and negative paths are taken into consideration. The software must be capable of handling unexpected actions from users. Although automation may not encompass all aspects of usage flows, manual testers often find bugs when working with the mindset that is used to find out the possible ways of breaking the system. You cannot expect that QA detective mindset from any!

Recommendations from Industry Expertise

Our team of experienced testers has accumulated years of diverse experience across various domains. Rather than solely focusing on identifying bugs, their next goal is to pinpoint opportunities for enhancements, propose suggestions for improved features, and devise effective workarounds. Therefore, they know the appearance of your competitor.

Better User Experience

With the higher usage of different devices, ensuring the user's experience with the latest and most used devices is a must. Consequently, our manual testers bear the responsibility of ensuring compatibility, usability, and overall user experience to enhance the system and deliver an improved version.

Why you choose viTesters as the Manual Testing Service Provider

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