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From Ninja Tester to QA Manager: Varsha's Career Journey

Hello Everyone, This is the journey of Varsha Tomar.

Varsha began her career as a trainee software tester, progressing to QA tester. At her first job with a startup, she was the sole QA in a team of six developers. As the company expanded, so did the QA team, and her role grew with it. Through dedication and hard work, she rose to the position of Senior QA Engineer and later QA Lead.

Despite the company experiencing ups and downs, Varsha never wavered in her commitment. She always gave her 100% in work. Her colleagues—whether developers, QAs, business analysts, or project managers—were supportive, and she fondly remembers working with them. Without her approval, nothing went to production, emphasizing her pivotal role in the team. She completed five years with her first employer.

Varsha then joined a new company as Senior QA Lead, where she faced different domains, larger team sizes, and a distinct work culture. Her exceptional performance earned her an opportunity to work with an onsite client in Malaysia. Although the project was based on SAP, a technology entirely new to her, she quickly adapted and delivered the project in just six months, garnering significant praise from the client.

Upon returning from Malaysia, Varsha was assigned to a challenging new project for the same company. She faced various challenges working with different teams and people, but she always gave her 100% and never declined a task.

To ensure thorough testing and validation, she implemented processes to prevent issues from reaching production. If problems arose in production, she took responsibility, without letting the blame go to her team. When there was a production issue, she took immediate action while coordinating with developers and support teams to resolve them quickly. Furthermore, she analyzed the root causes to prevent future occurrences.

Varsha's consistent performance and leadership led to her promotion to QA Manager, overseeing the entire QA team, including functional, database, automation, and API testing, as well as the customer support team. This role required multitasking and balancing various responsibilities, but her dedication and hard work helped her manage everything effectively. Her colleagues respected her, often calling her "Varsha Ma'am" and many still seek her guidance for work-related issues. She valued learning and self-improvement, acquiring new skills without formal training. Currently, she's preparing for her Project Management Professional (PMP) certification to transition into project management.

In her personal life, Varsha is married to a government teacher, who is very supportive, and they have two daughters. Her family has been a source of strength throughout her career.

So, Varsha's journey from a software tester trainee to a QA Manager demonstrates her determination and adaptability. Her commitment and hard work were clear as she took on increasing responsibilities, coordinating closely with her team to ensure high-quality output.

Varsha's journey is a prime example of the value of persistence and continuous learning. For those following a similar path, her story offers valuable advice:

  • Embrace Challenges: Don't shy away from difficult tasks or new technologies. Approach them with an open mind and a willingness to learn.

  • Take Responsibility: Owning your work and its outcomes builds trust and respect among your peers and superiors.

  • Focus on Teamwork: Build strong relationships with your colleagues, as collaboration is key to success in QA and beyond.

  • Invest in Self-Improvement: Keep learning new skills and exploring growth opportunities, even without formal training. This proactive attitude can open doors to career advancement.

Overall, Varsha's journey shows the importance of hard work, adaptability, and a positive attitude in achieving career success and personal fulfillment.

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